Release Date : 08/15/2022

Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B781VTZX

The latest edition of my book is available free to all Kindle Unlimited members. 

If you have read the previous editions, I hope you will find “Reading the markets like a Pro,” “The 2022 market correction,” and the chapter on “Scaling up” particularly useful. If you do get the book, kindly drop a review or even just a star rating for me. It will be greatly appreciated. 

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Tastytrade has a big role to play in Nishant’s journey as a trader. Tom Sosnoff and Tony Batista have been instrumental in his trading career. Tom’s daughter Case is also inspired him to immerse his own kid in financial education, as early as 5 years of age and it continues on at 14 years as of 9/8/2022.

Nishant stopped at Tastytrade’s studios in Chicago and they were able to fit him in their “rising stars” segment. Watch the interview below.

Thanks and Credits

It was wonderful to meet the entire Tastytrade team, including Tom Sossnoff, Tony Batista, Nick Batista (Bat junior), Jules Weinstein, Mike (Mike’s whiteboard) and Vonetta. 

Thanks for fitting me in your busy schedule and it was amazing to see all those cool faces in real life.



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