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Frequently asked questions

When can I join the Program?

We have traders at different stages join in all the time. Due to the way, I run the program and the my focus on teaching mean reversion trading, we recommend that you start with a paper-trading account and set that account to a balance of $2500 – $5000. ThinkorSwim from Ameritrade offers an excellent paper-trading platform

      What kind of Option Trades are used ?
      • I exclusively trade Debit Spreads. The goal of the method is to grow my portfolio aggressively. Debit spreads are suitable for this goal as they have the potential of doubling your money invested for each successful trade. I have a video on Debit Spreads which explains why they are best suited for the 25k Challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56RfUGtlXiw
      • If you haven’t read my book, I highly recommend you give it a shot as I have explained my strategy in detail there as well. Click here to go to Amazon
      How will I receive live trade alerts?
      • I use the Discord plaform to send live trade alerts for opening and closing trades as I take them in my own trading account. If a trade needs management, I post daily announcements on how I am handling that as well.
      • You can download Discord mobile app to receive real-time live trade alerts via push notifications. After you sign up, we will send you details on how to join our Discord server.
      How many trade alerts can I expect?

      I am a very disciplined trader. This means that I wait for the right trades to come to me instead of chasing after trades. Patience and waiting for the right trade is an important factor in my trading success.

      This could mean taking 18 – 20 trades in a single week, but could also mean no trades for next 10 days. Here are some recent numbers for 2021

      • Week starting Feb 1 – 9 Trades
      • Week starting Jan 25 – 18 Trades
      • Week starting Jan 18 – 1 Trade
      • Week starting Jan 11 – 3 Trades
      • Week starting Jan 4 – 6 Trades
      What guidance can I expect for opening/closing trades?

      You will get notified about opening and closing trades both. In addition to that, you get a free rule book which documents exact profit and loss targets. You can always ask me questions on our Discord server if you need further clarification.

      I have a busy schedule. Is this suitable for me?
      • My general mindset is to go against any kind of knee jerk reaction whether it is to the upside or the downside while keeping the dominant long term trend in mind.
      • Obviously, nobody can catch bottoms. So you will notice that after putting on a trade the stock could continue to go against me for 7-10 days. This is expected. In fact, this is the reason why I tell all our members to take their time, try to rationalize it yourself, or wait for a day and see how it plays out.
      • In fact, we have many members in Australia, Singapore, Japan and China who are always sleeping during our trading hours and see the trades on the next day, but are still able to take advantage of them.
      • Use a trade alert to simply put a stock on your radar for doing further research to see if it suits your account size and risk tolerance.
      • We highly recommend that you paper trade to learn the system. Putting real money into trading brings emotions with it and emotions cause people to make mistakes. Stay objective while you are learning and paper-trading is the best way to do it.
      Is there a trial period?

      Yes, there is a 7-day trial period. If you don’t think this program is a good fit for you, you can cancel anytime during those 7 days. We respect your decision. We don’t ask you questions or bug you with marketing emails to keep you as a member.

      What if I want to cancel?

      You get a free 7-day trial and your membership renews on a recurring basis after that. If you don’t see the value in my program, simply send an email to cancel@tradingextremes.com with the subject “please cancel” and your account will not be renewed after the current billing cycle. That’s it! It doesn’t get any more simpler than that. Cancellation policy here: https://tradingextremes.com/iump-tos-page/

      What results can I expect?

      I run this group as an education platform and I expect all new members to put on their learning hats and paper trade with me until they learn the nuances of my trading style.

      I have been trading for over 15 years and this quote from Warren Buffet has become my favorite over the years – “You can’t give birth to a baby in 1 month by getting 9 women pregnant“.

      The bottomline is that somethings take their own sweet time and there is nothing you can do to speed them up. When you join our group, stay focused on learning what I am teaching you. Practice and experience will need to follow that learning phase which should eventually lead to the results you are looking for.