Sep 2021: QQQ $368 – $369 Bull Call Spread



Trade Structure

$368-$369 Call Spread

Trade Date


Price Paid


Expiration Days



During a correction, 2-4 weeks of trades will get absolutely wiped out, but we save so much cash with this trading method that using it strategically will save you from these events which come unannounced and without warnings. All the trades taken during the correction are looking like winners. Here is how the next few weeks look like for our trading group consisting of 1000+ traders. 


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Trade Rationale

Once in a couple of months you get these amazing mean reversion opportunities on Index/ETFs like SPY,QQQ,DIA. In the last decade, not even once did I have a losing trade on these opportunities. I guess if somebody wanted to be a passive trader, they could just wait for these moments and put on these trades when they show up. But for you to spot these trades, you will need to be engaged with the market. If you become too passive and stop trading for a few months only to get into these trades, you won’t even know when a sell-off is happening and even if you do come to hear about it, you will not know what levels are right for you to get into a trade. Also, these opportunities may not present themselves for several months at a time. The beauty of these trades is that they have $1 wide strikes available. You can risk as little as $50 and there is no limit to increase your exposure. Simply add more contracts to increase exposure! All 3 of these are textbookish mean reversion trades, so I will not go into further detail. You have all the mean reversion indicators in agreement. RSI coming out of oversold zone, DI- and DI+ both changing direction.

Trade Selection Criteria

Overall market movement

Massive drop in the markets and we are nearing the end of a correction.

No Earnings or Significant News

N/A – This is an ETF

Bollinger Bands outside Keltner Channels

Bollinger bands are only slightly outside Keltner Channels but we are at the bottom of our trading range here.

RSI Analysis

RSI was turning up when I took the trade. Although, It dipped again a few days later

ADX Analysis

DI- is turning down and DI+ turning up when I put on this trade. These are rare, but amazing setups to trade.

Trade Analysis

I took this trade when I saw the first signs of a reversal. But the first one turned out to be a fake signal. The markets kept selling off for almost next 2 weeks after this. The beauty of this trade is that it still made 94% ROI. Vertical Spreads are amazing because they don't lose value via Time Decay. If you had bought QQQ calls, they would have lost all their value in the 2 weeks that the markets kept going against you.

Trade Outcome




Beginning Account Balance


Ending Account Balance


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