Oct 2021: SI $135 – $140 Bull Call Spread



Trade Structure

$135-$140 Call Spread

Trade Date


Price Paid


Expiration Days


We are on week 6 of 100% winning trades. A pullback is expected.

We are on week 6 of back to back winning trades and so far where we literally had 100% winners every week. But to expect this to continue in the future is unrealistic. Markets are finally slowing signs of exhaustion and I do expect a pullback which will be a buying opportunity. 


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Trade Rationale

With most of the earnings trades, you will find some level of judgement and experience coming into play. On any trade that I take right on the day of earnings, it will always come down to watching the price action on that day. I watch the daily candle and see signs of stabilizing before taking these trades. A solid red candle is usually a sign of danger and it is best to wait for another day on those trades. A candle which starts looking like a DOJI with a small body and long wicks are the best indicators of downward pressure dying off. But there is a lot more art than any science to this. You just need to keep watching and learning to develop your own feel for these trades.

Trade Selection Criteria

Overall market movement

Massive drop in the markets and we are nearing the end of a correction.

No Earnings or Significant News

This is a post earnings trade and earnings were announced before market open

Bollinger Bands outside Keltner Channels

Bollinger bands are clearly outside Keltner Channels

RSI Analysis

Trade was taken purely based on price/action

ADX Analysis

Trade was taken purely based on price/action

Trade Analysis

I literally caught the bottom on this trade. SI took off immediately in my direction and I was able to close this trade for 94% ROI in just 20 days.

Trade Outcome




Beginning Account Balance


Ending Account Balance


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