Member Reviews

Great introduction to an uncomplicated strategy

The book is a great introduction to an option strategy that doesn’t require you to stare at a screen all day. Videos, trade rationales from the last two completed challenges, a spreadsheet trade tracker with rules to follow, a discord channel where the author is available every morning to answer questions or chime in on trade ideas, posted trades from the author, allocation guidelines to avoid portfolio blowouts, weekly market outlooks, and a FAQ to answer most 25K related ideas. There is even a channel for alternative trades outside of this method. It is NOT a trade alert service or a get rich quick play. It is however a great learning tool to use as you trade on your own.


Very methodical approach.

I have to start with saying that 2022 is a tough year. I was doing 0DTEs in one of my accounts and credit spreads on another and both got decimated this year.

Read Nishant’s book on Amazon and like his approach so far. He does debit spreads, so your risk is 1:1 which is great, esp. compared to credit spreads. Giving them 5 stars because of the level of nurturing, dedication and guidance provided by Nishant and the Senior members.


Wish I had found this group sooner.

Joined the service in March after blowing up my account due to the ugly market crash this year. Even after trading for almost 7 years now, I never had a plan as such.

I am finally learning the importance of discipline, rules and risk management. Thanks to Nishant and the group for providing this kick-ass service. Last 7 weeks of trades have been really good despite the craziness that continues in the markets. Nishant’s depth of knowledge is truly a boon. His market outlooks and the entire discord community is worth the subscription cost. Wish I had found this group sooner.


Love the discipline and the methodology

Love the discipline and the methodology. Been in this group for god knows how long now. Nishant’s dedication and nurturing is top notch. I have been trading options for 8 years and I have learned so much just in the last 6 months that is kinda unbelievable. I am a believer.

Paul Loredo

Trust Nishant, sleep happy

Solid book with exactly what Nishant follows, everything explained clearly, Have been with Nishant from last 3 years, if you keep your emotions out and follow him and concepts explained clearly there is no limit to upside potential

Sandeep K

Great Content

Absolutely phenomenal book, videos, instruction, and strategy. His content has allowed me to grow my wealth substantially and I am only in the beginning stages. My advice is to stick to his guidelines to a T, and do not trade with emotion.

Vishaan Tiwarie

Great Book and Service

I have read the book and on the service a couple of months. The style is very simple to follow and frankly if somoene lost money on the system as claimed in some of these reviews the person has no business trading in my opinion and should hire a professional to mange their money. The trading style is based on risk management and seeking an edge via TA. It makes money if you follow the Rules, even with a 50% success rate so some of these reviews are just ridiculous and should be ignored if you are interested in the trading strategy and becoming profitable. You could literally flip a coin to pick a direction and over a couple hundred trades you should make money. If not, I believe you are not trading with discipline and following the very specific rules set forth in the book. Best of luck to anyone who reads this and all the best to those who apparently can’t follow simple instructions.

David Stewart

Awesome community and great book

Awesome community and great book. I was always scared of options as the narrative I kept hearing is that options are too risky.

What the MRT book has done for me is to help me understand that options (if done right) are less risky than stocks. Nishant’s method is great as it allows you to risk as little as $50 per trade (sometimes even $25) while you learn his strategy. Spread that $50 into 100s of bets and with proper risk management, the magic suddenly starts to appear.

Arthur H

Excellent trading style

Excellent trading style and risk management. Nishant is a true teacher. His focus is on teaching his trading style. What you get out of it is all upto you.

In essence here is how what he does:

– Use option spreads to double his money with every winning trade

– Cut losers at 50% loss

; Tweaks portfolio allocation whenever he gets direction wrong (he does it by cutting his exposure into 1/2 until he starts getting direction right again)

– Only uses 30% of his portfolio to add trades and 10% – 15% during uncertain markets like 2022 and 2023.

– Pays very close attention to macro economic climate and events that can affect market direction.

A very well thought out and sound strategy overall. His youtube channel has some really good videos although I would like to see more.


Joined a few months ago and loving the discipline

Joined a few months ago and loving the educational focus on the service. I was lucky that I joined when markets were beginning to dump and I was able to enjoy 2 months of back to back winners. November gave us a surprise rally and some of my positions went against me. But with there are so many guardrails in place to protect you when things turn against you, that you can’t help but grow your account.

Plan to be here for a long time. Thanks Nishant, Jan and all the senior group members for helping me out with my silly questions in the 4 months.


Top notch education

Here is my quick story. Read the book and immediately found the trading style very intriguing. I tried the techniques on my own and made some progress but nothing special.

I then decided to join Nishant’s group back in March 2023. I was (un)lucky to get a winning streak when I joined and that made me over-confident. I increase my risk size too early and got b***slapped by the market.

That brought me back to my senses and I started again in August but this time followed the program like one is supposed to. I have been paper trading for 3 months. And I think I have a good grasp on everything now. Started taking 4 $1 wide spreads per month and will keep it like this until I keep seeing profits. If I do this right, even 50% win rate with $1 wide spreads should be enough to cover the cost of education. Will post updates in a few months.


The results are amazing!

After reading the 25K options challenge book, I joined the service about 6 months ago. One of the most important things I learned was to adhere to a strict set of rules and always protect capital. I was able to achieve a phenomenal ROI at the end of the year. Thanks Nishant!


Highly recommend joining this community!

Nishant has a brilliant mind and has figured out a way to communicate his methods in a way that even I (novice options trader – <1yr) completely understand the reasoning behind his trades. I got extremely lucky stumbling across his book, which eventually led me to the community that he has built. There is no pressure to follow all (or any) of his trades. This is a CHALLENGE, not a guarantee. The guarantee I can give you is that Nishant will do everything in his power to train you on his methodology, and will be 100% transparent in explaining why certain trades fail and other trades succeed. I have learned so much from him and the group as a whole. Come join us!


Words don't do justice to the value Nishant provides

Before I met Nishant, the stock market for me consisted of a very simple strategy – buy a stock and hold it for eternity, It didn’t matter what price it traded at, it didn’t matter what day I bought it at. I did well. Until I realized how much I was leaving on the table or how much more profitable and less risky my portfolio could be with options. This started my love affair with options trading, and like all new chefs who buy a shiny knife, it didn’t take long before I cut my hands. Wiser and poorer, I invested in options books and started poring through Black Scholes and greeks and all the related jargon option traders love to hate. I still wasn’t making money, but I sure knew how I was losing it. Enter Nishant. I read his book on a recommendation by Amazon. I messaged him shortly after asking for his opinion on a few points. To my surprise, he responded almost immediately. It didn’t take me too long to sign up for the challenge. A few months later, here I am, with my account nearly doubled, a much better understanding of how options work, a much more saner strategy, and most importantly much much lesser stress than when I was trading earlier. If you’re still on the edge about signing up – don’t be. My biggest regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. Thank you for everything you do Nishant.

Joe Ike