Take the Quiz: Are you ready to trade Options?

We want to make sure that Options trading is right for you. Please take the quiz below to test your knowledge. A score of 7 or more is desirable if you want to participate in our group.

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Oops! Looks like you have some reading to do. Here are some suggestions:

#1. What is an Option Chain?

#2. What is a GTC limit order?

#3. Select the options that could profit from a rise in the underlying's price

Select all that apply:

#4. An Out of Money Put option contract is


#6. XYZ is trading at $200 on expiration Friday. You are holding a short $190 Call in your portfolio. Which one of these is true?

#7. Stock ABC is trading for $99, which options are ITM (In The Money)?

Select all that apply:

#8. The following are characteristics of vertical spreads

Select all that apply:

#9. If you wanted to trade the furthest out-of-the-money call, which delta would you choose?

#10. Which of the following options has the greatest risk of assignment?

#11. If an option has $2 of intrinsic value and $1 of extrinsic value, what would the options premium be?

#12. Have you read the $25K Options Challenge Book? (The trading strategy is explained in detail in the Book)