What do I do next?

Please see below for important information on getting started.

In your welcome email, there is a “25K Rule Book” that was sent to you in pdf format. Treat that guide as your trading Bible. It has all the information that you need to get started.
How will I receive live trade alerts?
I usually take between 3-10 trades per week. However, if there is a significant earnings event lined up or a binary event like Core CPI, PCI, PCE coming up, I may decide to wait until the event before taking any trades. If you don’t see any trades for 3-4 days, I am most likely saving some dry powder for later during the week.

How many trades can I expect

Trade alerts will be sent to the email address you have provided us. Since mean-reversion trading is slow paced, there is no need for you to jump at a trade alert. If you have a busy life style, review the trade at your own pace in the evening if you wish. You get many opportunities in the following days to take a trade (potentially at lower prices) Please check the “Rule Book” to see how to react to those trade alerts.
What if I have questions?
We are launching this cheaper trade alert service for folks who don’t need hand-holding and enough experience/knowledge with options to know what to do with the trade alerts. The “Rule Book” has all the information that you will need in case you do have questions. We are not able to provide support for answering trade related questions via email.
What if I want to cancel?
Cancellation is as easy as sending an email to cancel@tradingextremes.com with “please cancel” in the subject line. So that we can locate your account, the email should be sent from the same address that you provided us at sign up. If you signed up using a different address, please include that in the body of you email.

Skill up! - Training Videos

Learn the $25K method

Access our library of training videos where you can learn how to pick the right stocks to trade and create your own watchlist. Use technical analysis to find the right time to enter a trade and more. We keep adding videos as we create new content, so keep checking back. 

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11th Annual $25k Options Challenge

Apr 2020 – Apr 2021

The 11th $25K challenge is under progress. If you would like real-time access to trade alerts, training material and access to our private Discord server, we are still accepting new members for our paid membership.  Email us for an earlybird coupon.

The 11th Challenge is available here

10th Annual $25k Options Challenge

Mar 2019 – Mar 2020

We finished our 10th annual $25k challenge in Feb 2020. We officially over-achieved with a net-worth of $27,100.  All the trades from the 10th challenge are open to the public for free. Please click the link below to access present and historical trades.

Click to access the content

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