Can a $1 price movement in a stock double your money?

Stop looking for the next AAPL, TSLA, NVDA or that shiny IPO stock. Once you learn how to use options effectively, you can generate mind-blowing returns with tiny price movements in well established non-volatile stocks.

Learn how we combine the leverage provided by options, with technical analysis, rules and serious discipline to generate outsized returns in bear and bull markets alike. 

PLANS AS LOW AS $50/month

(7-day no obligation trial)

Take your trading skills to the next level. Learn how to find the right stocks to trade. Then use the leverage of Options combined with Technical Analysis to pick the right trades that can yield up to 100% profit for every winning trade. And most important of all, learn solid money management principles to avoid portfolio blowouts. Come join our group where we do all this live, every day of the week!

Nishant’s Interview with Tom Sosnoff

Tom Sosnoff, founder of ThinkorSwim and Tastytrade interviews Nishant about his trading style and success

Nishant shares his key principles of success with Tom Sosnoff

In this exclusive interview, Billionaire Tom Sosnoff and founder of Thinkorswim and Tastytrade, asks Nishant to share the secret sauce of his trading techniques.

What do I get with my membership?


Live Trade Alerts

Get notified about opening and closing trades as we do them live on our private Discord server.


Community of 1000+ traders

Get access to our thriving community of like minded and helpful Options traders like you.

Learn the entire method

Learn all the nuances of the mean-reversion trading method daily on our private Discord server.

Training Videos

Learn how to find the right stocks to trade and how to find the right entries and exits using technical analysis.


Trade Rationales

I send out trade rationales every Friday explaining in detail the reasoning behind every single trade that I put on in my own account that week. 

Historical Trades

Access all the trades from last year’s challenge, including full trade rationale, documentation, entries and outcomes.


You will also get access to the "live trade tracker" sheet which lists all currently open trades 
and how I am managing them. Here is an example of how the tracker looks like


Grab your free copy of the Rule Book when you sign up for your 7 day trial


Do you struggle with trade entries, exits, profit targets and stop losses?

Our founder has spent 15 years of his trading career developing rules around options trading. There is no guesswork involved. Just follow the flowchart to make all your trading decisions. 


Free Rule Book

The rule book guides you step by step in implementing Mean Reversion Trading into your trading life. Grab your free copy of the Rule Book when you sign up for your 7 day no obligation trial

What are our members saying? 

Consistent and Powerful

I am pleased by the sheer effectiveness of results: a win rate of close to 80%, profits of 50-100% per trade (losses are relatively small), and an account that has almost doubled in about 2 months.

As important (or more), Nishant is greatly devoted to supporting group members – our questions are answered frequently, and he is constantly thinking of ways to improve our channel and features. We can count on Nishant’s advice, when in the midst of an occasionally turbulent or emotional activity. Thank you Nishant.


Yes, it really works!

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. But not always. Here are my option trades since adopting Nishant’s system 6 weeks ago:
TSLA, 106% in 32 days
SPOT, 171% in 21 days
AMZN, 80% in 31 days
AAPL, 122% in 31 days
FFIV, -23% in 23 days (yes, there are losers sometimes)
TSLA (again), 94% in 25 days
FB, 80% in 22 days
MMM, 173% in 19 days
… and so it goes. I never would’ve believed it. The book is short, simple, and to-the-point. Although these are mostly small trades (less than $1,000 profit) this system can change your life if you’re patient, not greedy, methodical, and careful.


Best decision I’ve ever made!

I’ve been in multiple groups that didn’t teach you how to look for or manage a trade and needless to say I lost a lot of money. After reading Nishant’s book I decided to join the 25k challenge.

This has been the best decision that I have made for learning option trading. Nishant’s strategy and guidance has worked out well and now I feel confident to spot my own trades and I have made good returns.


Frequently asked questions

When can I join the Program?

Due to the way I run the program, the time you join, or your account size is irrelevant. My focus is on teaching mean reversion trading to our members by practicing what I preach in my book.

I take real trades in my account every day based on the principles outlined in my book. The goal for you should be to learn these methods by asking me questions, learning from the videos and educational material I provide you, and engaging with our group consisting of 1000+ like-minded option traders.

What kind of Option Trades are used ?
  • I exclusively trade Debit Spreads. The goal of the method is to grow my portfolio aggressively. Debit spreads are suitable for this goal as they have the potential of doubling your money invested for each successful trade. I have a video on Debit Spreads which explains why they are best suited for my trading method:
  • If you haven’t read my book, I highly recommend you give it a shot as I have explained my strategy in detail there as well. Click here to go to Amazon
How will I receive live trade alerts?
  • I use the Discord plaform to send live trade alerts for opening and closing trades as I take them in my own trading account. If a trade needs management, I post daily announcements on how I am handling that as well.
  • You can download Discord mobile app to receive real-time live trade alerts via push notifications. After you sign up, we will send you details on how to join our Discord server.
How many trade alerts can I expect?

I am a very disciplined trader. This means that I wait for the right trades to come to me instead of chasing after trades. Patience and waiting for the right trade is an important factor in my trading success.

This could mean taking 18 – 20 trades in a single week, but could also mean no trades for next 10 days. Here is an example of recent trade alerts.

  • Week starting Feb 1 – 9 Trades
  • Week starting Jan 25 – 18 Trades
  • Week starting Jan 18 – 1 Trade
  • Week starting Jan 11 – 3 Trades
  • Week starting Jan 4 – 6 Trades
What guidance can I expect for opening/closing trades?

You will get notified about opening and closing trades both. In addition to that, you get a free rule book which documents exact profit and loss targets. You can always ask me questions on our Discord server if you need further clarification.

I have a busy schedule. Is this suitable for me?
  • My general mindset is to go against any kind of knee jerk reaction whether it is to the upside or the downside while keeping the dominant long term trend in mind.
  • Obviously, nobody can catch bottoms. So you will notice that after putting on a trade the stock could continue to go against me for 7-10 days. This is expected. In fact, this is the reason why I tell all our members to take their time, try to rationalize it yourself, or wait for a day and see how it plays out.
  • In fact, we have many members in Australia, Singapore, Japan and China who are always sleeping during our trading hours and see the trades on the next day, but are still able to take advantage of them.
  • Use a trade alert to simply put a stock on your radar for doing further research to see if it suits your account size and risk tolerance.
  • We highly recommend that you paper trade to learn the system. Putting real money into trading brings emotions with it and emotions cause people to make mistakes. Stay objective while you are learning and paper-trading is the best way to do it.
Is there a trial period?

Yes, there is a 7-day trial period. If you don’t think this program is a good fit for you, you can cancel anytime during those 7 days. We respect your decision. We don’t ask you questions or bug you with marketing emails to keep you as a member.

What if I want to cancel?

You get a 7-day no obligation trial and your membership renews on a recurring basis after that. If you don’t see the value in my program, simply send an email to with the subject “please cancel” and your account will not be renewed after the current billing cycle. That’s it! It doesn’t get any more simpler than that. Cancellation policy here:

What results can I epxect?

I run this group as an education platform and I expect all new members to put on their learning hats and paper trade with me until they learn the nuances of my trading style.

I have been trading for over 15 years and this quote from Warren Buffet has become my favorite over the years – “You can’t give birth to a baby in 1 month by getting 9 women pregnant“.

The bottomline is that somethings take their own sweet time and there is nothing you can do to speed them up. When you join our group, stay focused on learning what I am teaching you. Practice and experience will need to follow that learning phase which should eventually lead to the results you are looking for.

Anatomy of a Bull Call Spread

I keep my trading life very simple and use 2 simple option spread structures for all my trading. When I am bullish on the markets, I use a bull call spread. When I am bearish, I use a bear put spread.

Anatomy of a Bear Put Spread

In this short video, I go through a real trade that our group took on ANET. The video walks you through the entire process I go through when looking for trade setups.

Managing losers is the key to success

In this video, I go into details as to why managing losers is the key to success. It is not about finding the next shiny bling or a trading system with a high hit rate. It simply comes down to rules and discipline

More Member Reviews

Great introduction to an uncomplicated strategy

The book is a great introduction to an option strategy that doesn’t require you to stare at a screen all day. Videos, trade rationales from the last two completed challenges, a spreadsheet trade tracker with rules to follow, a discord channel where the author is available every morning to answer questions or chime in on trade ideas, posted trades from the author, allocation guidelines to avoid portfolio blowouts, weekly market outlooks, and a FAQ to answer most 25K related ideas. There is even a channel for alternative trades outside of this method. It is NOT a trade alert service or a get rich quick play. It is however a great learning tool to use as you trade on your own.


Very methodical approach.

I have to start with saying that 2022 is a tough year. I was doing 0DTEs in one of my accounts and credit spreads on another and both got decimated this year.

Read Nishant’s book on Amazon and like his approach so far. He does debit spreads, so your risk is 1:1 which is great, esp. compared to credit spreads. Giving them 5 stars because of the level of nurturing, dedication and guidance provided by Nishant and the Senior members.


Wish I had found this group sooner.

Joined the service in March after blowing up my account due to the ugly market crash this year. Even after trading for almost 7 years now, I never had a plan as such.

I am finally learning the importance of discipline, rules and risk management. Thanks to Nishant and the group for providing this kick-ass service. Last 7 weeks of trades have been really good despite the craziness that continues in the markets. Nishant’s depth of knowledge is truly a boon. His market outlooks and the entire discord community is worth the subscription cost. Wish I had found this group sooner.


Love the discipline and the methodology

Love the discipline and the methodology. Been in this group for god knows how long now. Nishant’s dedication and nurturing is top notch. I have been trading options for 8 years and I have learned so much just in the last 6 months that is kinda unbelievable. I am a believer.

Paul Loredo

Trust Nishant, sleep happy

Solid book with exactly what Nishant follows, everything explained clearly, Have been with Nishant from last 3 years, if you keep your emotions out and follow him and concepts explained clearly there is no limit to upside potential

Sandeep K

Great Content

Absolutely phenomenal book, videos, instruction, and strategy. His content has allowed me to grow my wealth substantially and I am only in the beginning stages. My advice is to stick to his guidelines to a T, and do not trade with emotion.

Vishaan Tiwarie

Great Book and Service

I have read the book and on the service a couple of months. The style is very simple to follow and frankly if somoene lost money on the system as claimed in some of these reviews the person has no business trading in my opinion and should hire a professional to mange their money. The trading style is based on risk management and seeking an edge via TA. It makes money if you follow the Rules, even with a 50% success rate so some of these reviews are just ridiculous and should be ignored if you are interested in the trading strategy and becoming profitable. You could literally flip a coin to pick a direction and over a couple hundred trades you should make money. If not, I believe you are not trading with discipline and following the very specific rules set forth in the book. Best of luck to anyone who reads this and all the best to those who apparently can’t follow simple instructions.

David Stewart

Awesome community and great book

Awesome community and great book. I was always scared of options as the narrative I kept hearing is that options are too risky.

What the MRT book has done for me is to help me understand that options (if done right) are less risky than stocks. Nishant’s method is great as it allows you to risk as little as $50 per trade (sometimes even $25) while you learn his strategy. Spread that $50 into 100s of bets and with proper risk management, the magic suddenly starts to appear.

Arthur H

Excellent trading style

Excellent trading style and risk management. Nishant is a true teacher. His focus is on teaching his trading style. What you get out of it is all upto you.

In essence here is how what he does:

– Use option spreads to double his money with every winning trade

– Cut losers at 50% loss

; Tweaks portfolio allocation whenever he gets direction wrong (he does it by cutting his exposure into 1/2 until he starts getting direction right again)

– Only uses 30% of his portfolio to add trades and 10% – 15% during uncertain markets like 2022 and 2023.

– Pays very close attention to macro economic climate and events that can affect market direction.

A very well thought out and sound strategy overall. His youtube channel has some really good videos although I would like to see more.


Joined a few months ago and loving the discipline

Joined a few months ago and loving the educational focus on the service. I was lucky that I joined when markets were beginning to dump and I was able to enjoy 2 months of back to back winners. November gave us a surprise rally and some of my positions went against me. But with there are so many guardrails in place to protect you when things turn against you, that you can’t help but grow your account.

Plan to be here for a long time. Thanks Nishant, Jan and all the senior group members for helping me out with my silly questions in the 4 months.


Top notch education

Here is my quick story. Read the book and immediately found the trading style very intriguing. I tried the techniques on my own and made some progress but nothing special.

I then decided to join Nishant’s group back in March 2023. I was (un)lucky to get a winning streak when I joined and that made me over-confident. I increase my risk size too early and got b***slapped by the market.

That brought me back to my senses and I started again in August but this time followed the program like one is supposed to. I have been paper trading for 3 months. And I think I have a good grasp on everything now. Started taking 4 $1 wide spreads per month and will keep it like this until I keep seeing profits. If I do this right, even 50% win rate with $1 wide spreads should be enough to cover the cost of education. Will post updates in a few months.


The results are amazing!

After reading the 25K options challenge book, I joined the service about 6 months ago. One of the most important things I learned was to adhere to a strict set of rules and always protect capital. I was able to achieve a phenomenal ROI at the end of the year. Thanks Nishant!


Highly recommend joining this community!

Nishant has a brilliant mind and has figured out a way to communicate his methods in a way that even I (novice options trader – <1yr) completely understand the reasoning behind his trades. I got extremely lucky stumbling across his book, which eventually led me to the community that he has built. There is no pressure to follow all (or any) of his trades. This is a CHALLENGE, not a guarantee. The guarantee I can give you is that Nishant will do everything in his power to train you on his methodology, and will be 100% transparent in explaining why certain trades fail and other trades succeed. I have learned so much from him and the group as a whole. Come join us!


Words don't do justice to the value Nishant provides

Before I met Nishant, the stock market for me consisted of a very simple strategy – buy a stock and hold it for eternity, It didn’t matter what price it traded at, it didn’t matter what day I bought it at. I did well. Until I realized how much I was leaving on the table or how much more profitable and less risky my portfolio could be with options. This started my love affair with options trading, and like all new chefs who buy a shiny knife, it didn’t take long before I cut my hands. Wiser and poorer, I invested in options books and started poring through Black Scholes and greeks and all the related jargon option traders love to hate. I still wasn’t making money, but I sure knew how I was losing it. Enter Nishant. I read his book on a recommendation by Amazon. I messaged him shortly after asking for his opinion on a few points. To my surprise, he responded almost immediately. It didn’t take me too long to sign up for the challenge. A few months later, here I am, with my account nearly doubled, a much better understanding of how options work, a much more saner strategy, and most importantly much much lesser stress than when I was trading earlier. If you’re still on the edge about signing up – don’t be. My biggest regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. Thank you for everything you do Nishant.

Joe Ike


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Due to SEC regulations, any trade alerts I (Nishant Pant) publish or any advice I give is strictly for educational purposes only. I assume that any trading advice that you consult me about are either theoretical trades or are being done on a paper trading platform to refine your skills and learn from my mean reversion trading methodology. Any trade alerts I publish, are simply trades that I am taking in my own accounts. None of these trade alerts should be treated as trade recommendations and you should use your own judgement when placing trades.

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